We are all Somdech Preah Maha Ghosananda's students and followers around the world of both Cambodians and non-Cambodians are regret and shocked that our beloved gentle spiritual leader, Maha Ghosanada, passed away at the age of 91 in Massachusettes, USA. We understand that one day, our beloved spiritual leader would be disappeared from our sight, but in this moment we still cannot stop tearing.

We all together share condolence and heartfelt gratitude to Somdech!

We will inscribe the benevolent attribute of Somdech in our heart forever!

We will remember the teachings of middle path and step by step of Somdech forever!

We will practice the teachings of middle path of Somdech until we reach enlightenment!

Though Somdech passed away physically, but the teachings and good sample of Somdech still in front of us and in our sight days and nights, in moment of our breathing!


Important Teachings of Somdech
"Our journey for peace begins today and every day.
Each step is a prayer,each step is a meditation, each step will build a bridge."

The suffering of Cambodia has been deep.
From this suffering comes great Compassion.
Great Compassion makes a Peaceful Heart.
A peaceful Heart makes a Peaceful Person.
A Peaceful Person makes a Peaceful Community.
A Peaceful Community makes a Peaceful Nation.
And a Peaceful Nation makes a Peaceful World.
May all beings live in Happiness and Peace.

Our Suggestions:
To honor Somdech's virtue during his lifetime, the Somdech body should be kept as long as possible.

The King of Cambodia should host the commemorating ceremony or remembrance ceremony.

The Cambodian government should host the commemorate ceremony for Somdech.

The Cambodian Sangha Order should take one day to commemorate and pay respect (Vatta Pathipatta) in every temple throughout the country.

The Cambodian communities and associations throughout the world should host the commemorating ceremony accordingly.

The body of Somdech should be delivered to Cambodia as Somdech always wanted to pass away there.

The government should sponsor to build a public stupa to deposit Somdech's body or remains for public common good and worship.

Somdech's step by step book should be reprinted and redistributed again as much as possible.

Somdech's name should be inscribed in national's book as the hero of Cambodia in struggling with violence, discrimination, suffering and ignorance of the twentieth first century.




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