Subject: energy field
From: "Donnia" <donnia...@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, March 15, 2007 8:36 am
To: admin@ghosananda.org

Even though I did not know Your Master, I felt a depletion in the energy field on

I decided I would see what Great Master had left this
plane. His mission was to bring together all

I am informed that this particular passing has opened
a great energy field for the next generation of souls
to be reborn and they are to be even greater souls
than the Indigo and Crystal. They are to be pure love
and compassion empowered with wisdom and full
knowledge of previous lives. His passing will usher
an even greater time of transition towards the
Aquarian Age. Accept the energy that His departure
has left on this plane.

His life was a great gift and his departure provides anavenue for more great master
to enter our plane.Thank you.

Subject: maha ghosananda
From: "dan asher" <alien...@attglobal.net>
Date: Thu, March 15, 2007 9:36 am
To: admin@ghosananda.org
dear sangha, may i express my respects and condolences on the passing
of maha ghosananda who i met in thailand at the aranyapretet refugee
camp on the border of cambodia and thailand in 1980.i'd visited him
when he first stayed with a korean zen buddhist monk in manhattan and
then in providence and the bronx.will there be any ceremonies,memorial
events in the new york/new jersey area or in leverett or providence.if
you have information regarding this please e-mail me the details(or you
may give my e-mail details to the appropriate folks who can send
updates regarding observances.maha ghosanada was truly an extraordinary
man and a real inspiration to me.i'm dan asher,an artist living in new
york city for the past 35 years. i saw first maha showing his love and
qpractice of forgiveness in dealing with the various parties(including
the jesuit priest who was trying to convert the cambodians in the camps
to christianity. thanks, dan asher new york city 64637.....(my
cellular phone number)


Subject: Permission to publish extracts from your website
From: Marie Sønderup Kolling <m..@diis.dk>
Date: Mon, February 5, 2007 3:48 am
To: admin@ghosananda.org

To whom it may concern:

I am contacting you with an enquiry regarding the right to publish extracts from
your website http://www.ghosananda.org <http://www.ghosananda.org/> on our
non-profit educational website.

We, at the Danish Institute for International Studies, Department for Holocaust and
Genocide Studies, have published an educational book on the subject of the aftermath
of genocide which is also the title of the book. The book is written in order to
inspire high school teachers to teach about genocide and for students learn about it
from different interdisciplinary perspectives. Each chapter corresponds to a subject
taught in Danish high schools.

In addition to this publication, we wish to make a number of extracts of articles
accessible to teachers and students on our Danish website www.folkedrab.dk
<http://www.folkedrab.dk/> . The objective is to promote their work with the themes
and questions raised in the book and their understanding of them.

Among other articles we would like to publish in a Danish translation on the website
some articles from your website such as Prayer for Peace:

Prayer for Peace
Dear Brothers and Sisters, my name is Maha Ghosananda, and I am a Buddhist monk from

The people of Cambodia have known great suffering. I pray that, like millions of
peaceful Cambodian people, all people will find strength and compassion in their
hearts and guidance in these words of the Buddha:

In those who harbor thoughts of blame and vengeance toward others, hatred will never
cease. In those who do not harbor blame and vengeance, hatred will surely cease. For
hatred is never appeased by hatred. Hatred is appeased by love. This is an eternal

Just as a mother would protect her only child, even at the risk of her own life, so
let one cultivate a boundless heart toward all beings. Let one's thoughts of love
pervade the whole world-above, below, and across, without any obstruction, without
any hatred, without any enmity.

As long as one is awake, one should maintain this mindfulness. This is to obtain the
blessed state in this very life.

The suffering of Cambodia has been deep.

>From this suffering comes great Compassion.

Great Compassion makes a Peaceful Heart.

A peaceful Heart makes a Peaceful Person.

A Peaceful Person makes a Peaceful Community.

A Peaceful Community makes a Peaceful Nation.

And a Peaceful Nation makes a Peaceful World.

May all beings live in Happiness and Peace.


The publishing of the book as well as the texts on the website are an entirely
non-profit educational project and we therefore hope to receive your permission to
publish the some of the teachings of Maha Ghosananda. For any further information on the project, you are most welcome to contact me on

I look forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Marie Kolling

Marie Sønderup Kolling

Subject: ven.Maha Ghosananda
From: "myongoh" <myong...@tlen.pl>
Date: Tue, November 28, 2006 6:53 pm
To: admin@ghosananda.org
Hello! I am old friend and student od ven.Maha Ghosananda , also ordained Buddhist nun.
He knows me better as Dorota from Poland, while my buddhist name is Myongoh and I am
student od Zen Master Seung Sahn from Korea. I wonder if you could tell me how is he
now and where is he ? I last saw Maha Ghosananda in Cambridge US where he was
visiting zen center of my original zen tradition.
I care a lot about Maha Ghosananda and I've known him for over 25 years - I would be
very grateful if you could tell me anything about him .

With best regards in the Dharma
(Dorota Krzyzanowska)

Subject: Preah Maha Ghossananda
From: "myongoh" <myon...@tlen.pl>
Date: Wed, June 7, 2006 5:29 pm
To: admin@ghosananda.org
Dear Friends in The Dharma, I am an old friend of Preah Maha Ghossananda, and zen
nun from Poland. Maha Ghossananda knew me under my name Dorota.I last met him in
2000 in the US at Cambridge Zen Center. I wonder if you could tell me where is he
now and how is he. That time his health was not perfect and since then I lost track
of him and keep asking common friend but nobody seems to really know.
We first met in 1981 in New York and since then met many times in US , Asia and my
native Poland.At least once Maha Ghossananda saved my life. I'd really appreciate if
you give me any news on him.
With my best , in the Dharma
Myong Oh (Dorota Krzyzanowska)

Note: Few email messages above have been updated in this page in order to commemorate the day of our loss the Extraordinary Master, Maha Ghosananda, Gandhi of Cambodia. His whole life has dedicated for peace, compassion, non-violence and step by step practice of humanity.



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